LED lights need to have the six elements

LED display screen, and LED electronic display screen more appear in people’s field of vision, LED lighting has also been some of the main streets with LED lights, LED lights need to have what conditions One , energysaving with low voltage small current high brightness characteristics. As the LED lamp using the LED lamp must have low voltage, current, high brightness characteristics, it is ensure that the installation time to normal use, high efficiency and energy saving. Two, the new green light, using LED cold light glare small no radiation use do not emit harmful substances.

LED environmental protection benefit are better, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, and recyclable waste, it does not contain the mercury element has no pollution safe touch, typical of green lighting source. Three, long life. LED road lamp due to the continuous use, replacing time is also required for volume replacement is more trouble, so in the choice of when, long life is also an important factor, Ohmax light significant production of LED lighting basic service life in more than hour, in full compliance with the conditions.

Four, lamp has reasonable structure. LED lamp will completely change the structure of the lamp, according to different application requirements, LED lamp structure to raise the initial brightness conditions through rare earth again, increase the brightness, after the optical lens to improve the brightness of light, be improved. LED is encapsulated by epoxy resin solid light source, its structure has no glass bulb filament easily damaged parts, it is a full solid structure, so it can withstand the shocks, without being damaged. Five, colour pure color, multiple.

As a street lamp using the LED street lamp must light only, it do not need too much noise, in ensuring the brightness of the lighting also needed to ensure road safety. Six, high security. LED light source using low driving voltage, light stability, no pollution, no using Hz AC power supply when the stroboscopic phenomenon, no ultraviolet B radiation, color rendering index Ra is close to one thousand, color temperature, color temperature fifty five K five thousand K, closest to the sun. Is the calorific value of low no thermal radiation cold light source and can accurately control the light and emitting angle, light color and soft, no glare; and do not contain mercury check here and sodium elements may harm LED road material.